CUBE 30 ATV description 

The Cube 30 ATV is an innovative non-invasive volume support ventilator. The Cube 30 ATV incorporates intuitive, state-of-the-art features that allow safe and easy use of the device in the home care or clinical setting.

It offers feature-rich modes of operation with alarm system and data logs to ensure safe use.

With its unique trigger technology and target minute ventilation algorithm, this ventilator optimizes therapy according to the patient's individual needs.

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main features 

The device has a large 4.3-inch color display with easy-to-use tile menus for clear and convenient user guidance.

Timely volume assured pressure support that can be set based on target tidal volume or target minute ventilation.

Highly sensitive flow-based trigger detection with automatic detection of trigger failures.

Comprehensive alarm management, including an on-screen alarm log.

Swiss-made turbine blower promises quality performance for long, reliable service.

Two independently adjustable ventilation settings, allowing the patient to change the therapy mode for day and night operation.

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