Cube III Pro series 

The CUBE III Pro series offers patients comfortable solutions that effectively manage sleep apnea and enhance the quality of sleep. With its diverse sleep therapy modes, advanced events detection, and customized therapy solutions, it provides comprehensive support to individuals seeking relief from sleep apnea.

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Key  Features

The device features a large 4.3" vibrant color screen that incorporates a user-friendly tile design menu interface, allowing for clear and convenient navigation for the user.

Detect and distinguish between Obstructive and Central apnea events through oscillation technique.

Dynamic event raise can be adjusted according to personal needs ensures maximal comfort.

Receiving an error message when adjusting the therapy parameters menu is beneficial in preventing incorrect configurations.

Extensive device alarm management, including on-screen display protocol for alarms.

Swiss made turbine blower promises outstanding performance and is built to deliver reliable operation over an extended period of time.

The temperature and humidity of the therapeutic environment is continuously monitored for a better treatment experience.

The Mask Check function ensures a correct fitting mask even before therapy starts. On screen values identify leakages in order for the mask to be adjusted and corrected.

Pressure Range

IPAP 5 2/ EPAP 3 – 23 cmH2O

CPAP 3 – 2cmH2O

Respiratory Rate

4 - 30 bpm

Inspiration Time

0,4 - 5,0 seconds

Inspiration Trigger

Five level setting

Expiration Trigger

Auto, Manual settings 70% - 30%

Trigger Lock

0,3 - 8,0 seconds


System/Therapy alarms

Power Supply

AC100 - 240~, 50/60 Hz


Size (W x H x D)

168 x 108 x182 mm


1,65 kg

JF - 505G
Auto Pro
JF - 507G
BiLevel Pro

JF - 508G
BiLevel ST Pro
JF - 578G



BiLevel S

BiLevel T

BiLevel ST

Pressure & Flow Graph
Quick View
(AHI, Leak etc.)
SPV Pressure Relief
Auto On/Off
Leak Compensation
Customized Algorithm

Mask Check
Alarm Management

Trigger and Slope

Temperature and Humidity Monitor
Wireless Connectivity
Heated Humidifier

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