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JFR Medical Instruments GmbH, as a medical device manufacturer, has been dedicated to the development and production of devices for non-invasive home ventilation and respiratory therapy since 2014. Our products, proudly "Made in Germany," aim to provide both patients and medical professionals with effective and user-friendly solutions.

Our expertise lies in creating reliable and high-quality products and services for the respiratory therapy market. Additionally, we specialize in designing and manufacturing innovative products for sleep therapy.

Continuous product development is at the core of our mission. We ensure that our devices meet stringent standards, are user-friendly, and deliver optimal performance.

Located in Heikendorf, Germany, JFR Medical Instruments GmbH holds certifications in accordance with EN ISO 13485.

At JFR Medical, we are committed to helping individuals and their families enhance their lives by facilitating easier breathing.


Located in Heikendorf, Germany, JFR Medical Instruments is certified according to

EN ISO 13485 of the Medical Device Regulation.

Our  Products

Cube 30 ATV

Innovative, non-invasive home ventilation device

Cube III Pro Series

Fully equipped and robust sleep and respiratory therapy device


Innovative fan,

for your health


The humidifier is an optional accessory for the Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) device.


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