JETNOVA  Description

8,0-Inch touch screen

8-inch display, user-friendly controls, intuitive interface and color screen make it simple to navigate menus and customize comfort settings.

target volume

The device offers the option of setting the intended tidal volume that the patient is to reach during the breath as well as an intended air volume that the patient is to achieve over the period of a minute. In case the tidal volume is lower the device will increase the support pressure.

Sleep Event Customization 

The customization function allows for certain parameters such as apnea detection, hypopnea detection; apnea duration, hypopnea duration to be adjusted when prescribed by a physician.

These parameters could affect both reporting of events and how the algorithm responds to events. This provides physicians with the ability to adjust according to different patient’s own conditions.


JETNOVA’s sleep algorithm use the oscillation technique to distinguish between obstructive and central apnea after detecting an apnea event. It will generate an oscillation in short time to compare the proportional difference between pressure and flow signal with the baseline of patient and respond correspondingly.

Cellular network

We added the sim card connector to the device for the first time to meet the need to monitor the usage of the device remotely in some situation. When a sim card has inserted into the device, it will connect to the cellular network without the need of manual setting.


On the back of the device, there is a connector for home use oxygen concentrator. In addition, patient could view the current oxygen concentration(FiO2) of the device on the graph info page.


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