JETNOVA   Description

target volume

JETNOVA is designed to provide precise respiratory support by target volume and target minute volume for each individual patient.

12 alarm functions

12 alarm functions: Over Pressure, Tube Blocked,  Circuit Disconnection, Low Voltage, High  Respiratory Rate, Low Respiratory Rate, Low  Minute Volume, Target Volume, Target Minute  Volume, Leakage, Non-vented Mask, and Low  Battery.

osa/csa detection

Empowered by OWD oscillation wave detection technology , the device can accurately identify  OSA/CSA events, offering a safe and effective  therapeutic solution for patients suffering from  mixed-type sleep apnea syndromes.

cellular network

We integrated the SIM card connector into the device to enable remote monitoring of device usage in certain situations. Once a SIM card is inserted, the device will automatically connect to the cellular network without any manual configuration.


The connector on the back of JETNOVA allows home oxygen concentrators to be connected. Patients can also see the current Fraction of Inspired Oxygen (FiO 2 ) of the equipment on the graphical information page.

external battery

We have developed an external battery for JETNOVA that enables the device to operate continuously for 2-3 hours without access to a power source. This enhancement expands the machine's flexibility, making it suitable for a wider variety of situations.


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