The Cube 30 ATV is an advanced non-invasive ventilation device. It incorporates state-of-the-art intelligent features that ensure a safe and simple application of the device, both at home and in a clinical setting.

It offers various operating modes with an alarm system and data logging to ensure a secure application.

Thanks to its unique trigger technology and target volume algorithm, this ventilation device customizes therapy individually to meet the patient's needs, enabling the best possible treatment.

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Key Features 

The device features a large 4.3" vibrant color screen that incorporates a user-friendly tile design menu interface, allowing for clear and convenient navigation for the user.

A modern target volume function that allows for adjustment based on both breath volume and minute volume.

An advanced algorithm that uses flow-based analysis to detect triggers with high sensitivity, ensuring accurate detection. In addition, the algorithm also incorporates an automatic trigger failure detection function, which can identify and alert any issues with trigger failures.

Extensive device alarm management, including on-screen display protocol for alarms.

Swiss made turbine blower promises outstanding performance and is built to deliver reliable operation over an extended period of time.

Two independent adjustable ventilation settings allowing patients to change therapy mode for daytime and night time use.

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